My Lands Game
The best online browser-game in 2011! It combines best strategical elements from Travian, HoMM 3 and, whats best - it gives you the ability to earn money by playing the game and withdraw it completely legally!
On russian servers players have already earned and withdrew more than 830 000 $

My Lands: Black Gem Hunting (MyLands) is a browser-based massively multiplayer online game. Genre – military economic real-time strategy, fantasy.

In the era when "the dark" and "the light" lived in peace a source of power, never known to any race, was discovered:the Black Gems.

My Lands is the first on-line MMO strategy game where you can withdraw money

The balance of strength was disrupted and everyone tried to seize control over the Black Gems production. The Great Empire collapsed and the internecine war broke out. The inhabitants of your City have chosen you as their ruler and conferred absolute authority on you. Found new cities, study sciences, construct and upgrade buildings, train troops, hire Heroes, trade at Market, explore lands searching for abandoned domains of unknown ancient civilisation: Ruins, Pits, Salt Lakes, and Mines, defeat Monsters, seize Outer Domains from other players, spy on other players, fight for villages adjacent to cities, destroy enemy buildings and repair your own, unite with other rulers to confront enemies and remember that fragile peace is always better than murderous war.
There's a magic resource in the Game – the Black Gems. It can be both purchased for real money and obtained in the Game: stolen from Monsters in Ruins, produced in Salt Lakes of flying islands, and bought at the auction for the in-game Gold. The Black Gems can be spent on Premium services, or on the Subscription that provides the possibility to turn the Black Gems into real money.
Rule wise and lead your people toward the prosperity! Register>>> 
Advice on interface: You can toggle the full-screen mode in the Game Settings. But the full-screen mode Flash doesn't support keyboard, which means you won’t be able to write letters or enter numbers.
As an alternative, put mouse cursor in the address bar and press F11, what you get will be actually the same full-screen mode that works in most browsers and doesn't cut keyboard off.

My Lands

In the beginning of the game you find yourself in your first City.

The green arrows as the promts will help you to develop your city to level 2 without difficulty. After that your Counsellor will continue to study you - click the Counsellor's icon in the bottom right corner in order to open the "Quests" window.

After entering the Kingdom Map you’ll be able to see other rulers’ cities. You shouldn’t be afraid of them – while the City Gate is closed other players cannot attack you! Only you can decide when the time to open the Gate comes, but in order to do that the "Gate" science has to be studied.

The later stages of the game are described in this letter. You can read this information now or afterwards.

When the Gate is closed the following interactions with other players are possible:
- Messaging (just click the "Messages" button in the bottom left corner);
- Trade (in order to sell or exchange resources the Marker building has to be constructed; to buy resources the Merchants, that can be trained in the Merchant Guild building, are needed);
- Espionage (the Spy Guild building has to be constructed);
- Alliance (the Diplomatic Corps building has to be constructed).

Before opening the Gate it’s recommended to construct a few defensive buildings and train some troops (in the military buildings) for the sake of city defence. When you there is attack against you, the "Missions" icon will turn red.

After the Gate is opened you will be able to:
- attack other players;
- receive assistance from allies;
- get access to Villages outside the City Wall, where you can construct buildings after studying the "Villages" science and upgrading the Main Building to level 5. Producing Buildings in Villages produce resources faster than in City, but buildings in Villages can be destroyed by other players;
- explore Kingdoms in order to found new cities, search for Ruins, Pits, Mines, and so on  (train your Explorers in the Expeditionary Corps building);
- seize Pits, Mines and Salt Lakes (after the "Outer Domains" science is studied)
- rob Ruins – but beware of the Monsters living in the Ruins!  Maybe you will need help of your allies in the Joint Attack.
- found new cities (using Settlers that can be trained in the Colonisation Centre building).

As your Cities develop, Resources production grows, and army units train, your Rating will rise. You can always check the Rating in the Ratings Window.

If you wish to look after your friend’s character use the Substitute function. For detailed information on the Substitute function consult the Encyclopaedia.

You can ask questions and discuss the Game on the My Lands Forum.

Have fun and high ratings in the Game!


My Lands (mlgame) - The first on-line strategy game where you can earn and withdraw money

(mlgame) My Lands: black gem hunting is a browser-based Massive Multi-player On-line Game (MMOG). Genre: military-economic real-time strategy game

You cooperate with thousands of players in real time: develop your city, trade, make alliances and start wars. You are also able to choose a military or a mining server.

The browser-based on-line game MyLands opens the portal to the new world. This game was developed by our team to meet the highest requirement of browser on-line game fans to military-economic strategy projects and give you a chance to conquer a new world together with your friends. The on-line game offered by us is a browser-based game that does not require downloading and installing the client. Usually in such games if you pay money you got the advantage, but in our game you can play and make money at the same time. You can gain the in-game currency (the Black Gems) and exchange them for real-world money. You not just play an on-line game, in MMOG My Lands you also make money! This military-economic strategy game is a good way to kill time. If you played the famous strategy game “Heroes” you will immediately see what prospects of MyLands, since thousands of people play here. MyLands is a browser-based on-line game what means that you can play it on any computer with access to Internet. In MyLands you can play both PvP and PvE (on military or mining servers). In Internet you can find different browser-based games (on-line strategy games take one of the leading positions), so why we offer you to play MyLands? Our browser-based game combines the best features of other computer games (both browser-based on-line and usual ones). This is a completely browser on-line game that can be played on any computer while the full-screen mode will take you even more deeply into the world of our game allowing to forget that this is just browser game that requires no client part. But the most important thing is that MyLands gives you the opportunities one could hardly expect – making money in the game. You could hardly imagine that an on-line game will be a source of income and the in-game currency gained in the game you will be able to exchange it into the real-world money. You won't find this in any other on-line game. You can play strategy games free, but they make you money for many primitive possibilities and the only way to play “free on-line strategy games” is continuous funding of the account. MyLands as well as other on-line browser-based games also allows funding your in-game account but here you have s possibility to withdraw money from it! Now you can register in our game and become one an explorer of the new in-game world. You have never played any browser-based games and don't know what a browser-based or on-line game means? This won't be a problem. In the game you can find special guiding quests and in a few hours you will be able to play My Lands as a real military strategist. Moreover, there is an on-line game encyclopedia where the game and different in-game strategies are described in details. We also explained that you can not only play on-line but also make money in the game. Our browser-based on-line strategy game is continuously developing providing new possibilities. Unlike other on-line games the world around you will develop together with you. Don't wait and start playing MyLands right now until not all lads are seized by enemy clans. If you have questions, ask them on our in-game forum. There you will be advised what strategy to choose and what buildings to construct. MyLands waits for you!


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